Shadow Fight 2 Review for Android & iOS

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Shadow Fight 2 Review for Android & iOS

Ever wonder how it feels like to be a ninja err. samurai or whatever. We’ll we happened to have a game that you play as a ninja or samurai or whatever and will require you to beat up ninja’s and samurai’s and random people, all in a street fighter or tekken like fighting game, oh and did we forget to mention your pretty much like shadow based, or you’re in a silhouette.

Shadow Fight 2 was a game we were eager to try out. I played the browser version and it was okay to say the least. This is our first thing on a gaming review so we’ll put it as sweet and simple as possible. Lets move on to the story.

Backstory/Game Story

To tell you the truth, i really didn’t get the backstory for this game, it felt like the opening cutscene was more of a filler, you know, for the sole purpose of having a backstory, but from what i can gather from the backstory is theres some kind of mysterious force that a wary traveller has encountered with and theres a door and he opened the door and there was these kung fu masters lined up and a light immediate boasted out of the door, which by the looks of things removed our main heroes humanity, as we was stripped of it become a shadow-like figure.

Sometime after that, he must’ve returned to his master and faces off against those kung fu masters of body guards to, i think exact revenge against them somehow and as you progress, the shadow (main character) gets a bit more on the dark side, but still is good. I’ve only played the good a few times and i haven’t exactly finished it so, there must be more to this than just my own story formulated through the cutscene, but i want to stay clear as possible without researching it.

Gameplay and core mechanics

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The game typically plays like Tekken, in a way of being strategy-based battle brawler game, which is more on predicting your opponents move and getting those combos down. The game provides you with excellent gameplay core mechanics that are simply yet complicated by providing you a set of “perks” or moves that you can use in unison or combination, which is command based, similar to the mentioned game Tekken.

Overall gameplay was a bit okay, though the only special core mechanic that we noticed is the usage of many weapons, which will eventually provide you with different move sets, depending on which weapon you have in hand. You can either be a swift knife slicer or a brawling knuckle user or even a kunai throwing ninja. These weapons help you become more adaptive to enemies that also possesses different weapons in hand. However, you and your opponents can be easily stripped of your weapons when hit perfectly or if received a critical hit from the opponent, rendering you or your opponent weapon less and would deal lesser damage than the usual.

The game provides you with guides such as the “sensei” and the “girl who sells stuff”, which, in start of the game would frequently advice you to purchase this or that or would guide you throughout the options and mechanics of the game. Gameplay-wise, Shadow Fight 2 delivered a few new things in hand, but just couldn’t to much more.


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The controls for Shadow Fight 2 are unique in a few specific ways. One of which is its directional joypad or the joypad you use when moving around. The joypad used in Shadow Fight 2 adds a few directional advantage, for it has more than the usual up, down, left, right options, but features diagonal for up, down, left and right, which can maximize the players movement overall in game. On the action pad located on the right side is where the kick and punch buttons are located.

Since the game will require you to put up specific command combinations to put up moves, this was as pretty straight forward as it can be. To tell you the truth, the controls where much more easier than of the arcade that we all got used to, since, unlike the arcade, it didn’t have any medium punch, light punch or heavy punch options, which will require you to memorise a lot more buttons to do one move.

The game saves you this trouble and instead would provide you a command to do certain light, medium or heavy attacks, which isn’t exactly that hard to do. Overall, controls for the game is pretty straight forward and is something that can be easily get used to.

Overall Verdict

shadow fight 2 review specs philippines features (1 of 1)-9

The game felt really good, the game experience felt was smooth, but backstory is a little lacking. However, overall for a free game, Shadow Fight 2 truly is something that can honestly get you fighting away random people and ninja’s in a Tekken-style fighting game. If you’re looking for something that can keep you busy for, at least half the day, then this game is not exactly a bad choice.

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